What needs to change?

My change is education. My change is how we learn our past. My change is what we read in class.

History is very European based and the subject is supposed to educate us on our past and what to do in the future. The curriculum rarely focuses on Africa, Middle East and South America and History would be much more interesting for everyone if everyone’s backgrounds were included.

Also, we are only taught about the history of Africa post-colonialism and we should be taught about the whole world unbiased and untampered.

Why is it that the focus is always on slavery rather than the prosperous kingdoms prior to that? This is unacceptable because it implies that Africa does not have a rich history when in fact it does. Why is it that we focus so much on European history and it’s monarchs but very little of places like South America or South Asia. We need to educate each other so that we can eradicate stereotypes and misconceptions. Everyone deserves to be represented. Everyone’s history matters.

Afghanistan is

Afghanistan is a country rich with culture, history and beautiful landscapes.

A country that experienced several invasions in the past due to its location.

Afghanistan is a country of which it’s people have suffered and are still suffering.

A country that deserves peace and stability.

Afghanistan doesn’t deserve this.

Yet politicians and people in power dismiss the situation.

The people who have caused this disaster are living comfortably in palaces and mansions.

We shouldn’t stay silent on this but raise awareness and pray for the people on the ground whose lives have been compromised for politics and warfare.


She can’t move on ~ Isra

Palestine is her country. Her home country. Yet, internationally, it’s not.

After all the hardship in her life, Isra looked forward to the joy and celebration that laid ahead. Living under Israeli occupation, Isra dreamt of a life of freedom. Where she could live in peace rather than fear. For her children to experience a childhood that they deserved.

Isra was a 31-year old mother to two beautiful children. For all her life, war and conflict pursued. Occasionally, their situation would get some media attention. Then soon after, the world has moved on.

But Isra can’t move on. It’s her life. A life of pain and despair. Palestine is her country. Her home country. Yet, internationally, it’s not.

Israel “occupies” Isra’s country. A few days ago, her and her children were kicked out of her own home. The place she grew up in and has cherished memories. The place where she decorated and designed. Isra’s home.

Isra just doesn’t understand why the world is accepting this atrocity.

Just as Eid was approaching, a glimmer of hope rekindled in Isra. Perhaps this Eid, she could relax and have fun. Maybe she could forget about the calamities engulfing her life. As much as Isra wanted to be free, she wanted to be happy. She wanted her children to be happy.

Gaza’s death toll is now rising above 200. Children are being bombed in their homes. Yet, we have to protest to convince global leaders that this massacre is not okay. We have to explain this to the people with authority why they should get involved? Where is Palestine’s allies? Where’s the humanity?

Yet I speak to you ~ Hüsein

What I am about to tell you is actually illegal where I am. The words that I will utter to you, even in a whisper, could actually get me killed. The mere thought of speaking out is punishable by death. Yet I speak to you regardless.

Where I live is almost another world to yours. And perhaps what I say to you won’t change my life in the way I long for it to. Most likely, it will end disastrously. But I’m willing to try because I’m desperate. Desperate to be heard.

In an atmosphere of fear and control, we are no longer free. In a climate of violence, we can no longer breathe. Our peace and tranquillity that used to attract visitors and tourists is no longer present. All because of our beliefs.

Our short-lived happiness of democracy has been stripped away and we have been waiting too long for a change. Waiting for a time where we are no longer persecuted because of our faith. A time when we can be free like the rest of the population.

I speak to you to be heard. I call for you because you might care. I share my story for my people. For the innocent children abducted from our streets. Their childhood stripped away. Their dreams shattered.

Maybe someone who reads this may actually help. Hopefully, before the situation deteriorates.

My name is Hüsein, I am a Uighur Muslim and I live in Xinjiang, China. Please help me. Save our people.

Help the Uighurs in any way you can. Raise awareness and call for change.

Why the injustice?

Outside my window, I can see a young boy playing with his family. Carefree and happy.

Yet somewhere else in the world, there is a child of the same age suffering and crying. Their childhood stripped away from them.

Why the inequality in the world? Why the injustice?

The sun shines on my window and in comes swimming light and warmth. The sapphire shimmer of the sky beckons to me as I glance above.

Why do I enjoy peace whilst others can’t?

The same sun shines on another window miles away. Yet that window is broken, shattered into pieces. Bricks falling, the walls are incomplete.

The beauty revolution

In a world where society

Teaches us that there can only be

One type of beauty

Where people who look different are less

Without realising it’s the differences that make the world so special

To the extent of surgically modifying themselves

Why in 2021

Are people so unsatisfied with their individuality

Beauty comes in all sorts of styles and forms

In a world where society

Teaches us that there can only be

One type of beauty

Think to yourself

What do you define beauty as and why?

Where did the ideals originate?

We are all members of this society

That restricts and conforms

The repressive elite that seeks to suck out all the real beauty

In a world where society

Teaches us that there can only be

One type of beauty

Define it

Because beauty is not subjective and will never be

We are all part of scoiety

And any change begins with one person

The beauty revolution begins with you

Will never be everything

The greatest accomplishment

Is realising that money isn’t everything

Was never everything

And will never be everything

In today’s materialistic world

What people just care for

Is the greed of more and more

Engrossed in earning

The way doesn’t seem to matter anymore

As they chase the world

Despite different cultures and beliefs

races and religions,

all everyone wants

is to be happy

Yet people still haven’t realised that

True happiness simply begins

with appreciation and gratitude

“Gratitude turns what you have into enough.”

Voice for the Voiceless

Making a difference starts with a pledge

It starts when you decide to actively change yourself

All you need to do is set a goal and strive forward

As it has been famously said

Be the change you wish to see in this world

This day doesn’t limit what can be done

Today is International Women’s Day 2021

It can be the start of a revolution for the change you want to see

It can also be the end to the suffering you see

What have you done and what can you do?

But most importantly, what will you do?

What change will you demand

Be the voice for the voiceless

Great Grandpa Hajj Abdi Ibrahim {1903-2021}

Today has been a very sad day for my family. We said goodbye to my great grandfather who passed away last night on the 16th of February 2021. He lived to be 117 years old and had a life with many favours and blessings.

He lived through 2 pandemics and 2 world wars. The first pandemic was the Spanish Flu in 1918 when he was 17 years old as well as COVID-19 currently at the age of 117. It seems to me that pandemics occur every 100 years. How extraordinary!

A retired police officer and businessman, Hajj Abdi Ibrahim was very well-known and successful. Stationed across Kenya, he served to protect the people.

Hajj Abdi Ibrahim also performed Hajj (pilgrimage) in Makkah, Saudi Arabia thus earning the title Hajj before his name.

Post-retirement, Hajj Abdi settled in Elwaq, North Eastern Kenya, on the Somali border. Prosperous and happy, he had 20 children. Of those children, Hajj Abdi was once again blessed with 80-100 grandchildren. In addition, my great grandfather, Hajj Abdi Ibrahim had 82+ great grandchildren.

Hajj Abdi,100 years old.

As his great granddaughter, I am very proud of him and sad to see him pass. My grandmother, Khadijah, the daughter of Asli Abdi Ahmed Kiti, was the first-born of Hajj Abdi. Asli was Hajj Abdi’s first wife and they had three children together before she passed away at the age of 38.

Hajj Abdi’s children were very successful with their careers including his eldest son, Sheikh Abdullahi Abdi who is Chairman of National Muslim Leaders Forum. Many of Hajj Abdi’s descendants are very successful ranging from doctors to engineers all across Europe, America, Canada, Egypt, East Africa etc.

Many are successful businessmen and businesswomen as well as a high-profile Minister in NE Kenya. In addition, Hajj Abdi’s eldest great granddaughter, Fathiya Mohamed Nur is a successful journalist for BBC Africa.

I did not get a chance to see him in person unfortunately but I have seen his photos and videos. A strong man, he maintained his outstanding health. Hajj Abdi was able to walk, talk and understand everything unaided even past 100 years of age. But lately, he started to become a little bit weak due to his age not illness.

..He lived to be 117 years old and had a life with many favours and blessings…

He was the last of his generation left and will forever remain in the hearts of hundreds. His passing is very unfortunate but looking back at my great grandpa’s life, I am so proud and amazed at his accomplishments. He was exceptionally successful as a businessman and excelled in his career. He is a great role model and amazing great grandpa.

Even in old age, Hajj Abdi was still the strong, healthy man he was in his youth.

Words cannot even begin to describe the awe I have for him. My heart goes out to my mum and grandma as well as Hajj Abdi’s children who are heartbroken. Almost all of his 20 children were with him in his last few weeks and he passed on with his family by his side including many of his grandchildren. Truly, Hajj Abdi Ibrahim was a man blessed, successful and loved.

May God grant him Paradise, rest his soul and grant him peace. Ameen.

Hajj Abdi, 100 years

Purpose of Life

Whats the purpose of life?

Is it accumulating as much as wealth as possible?

Is it the memories that you create and cherish?

Is it the amount of happiness people bring to you?

There is no single answer

Life is defined simply by you

Every morning is another milestone

that you have managed to reach because

Many do not have the blessing of being alive that day

What will you do

To make a stand

To be remembered by

What do you want for your legacy

What is the purpose of life

You define it

You design it

Be free and explore the true meaning of life

Unique perfection

I don’t know how many times it must be said

I don’t understand what is so hard to get

Why do we strive to be accepted

Why do we strive to reject differences

In this multicultural city of London

In this multifaith world named Earth

Why is it that we are trying

To be like any other person

Every one is already taken

They say that no one is perfect

People aim to be seen as normal

I say, perfection is being unique

Perfection is being yourself when everyone is denying who they are

I was born as myself and so were you

Why wish to be someone else

You are denying us of your individuality

Surgically enhancing one’s face to look like the next

Medically adjusting yourself to compare with the world

Envy and jealously and competition is engulfing our world

One is perfect when they are unique and accept themselves as beautiful

One is perfect when they express who they are without fear of society

The world will be perfect when we stop comparing ourselves with internet idols

I say, perfection is being unique

And being unique equals beauty


Re-define kindness

Can kindness ever not have a personal benefit?
Because if you ask someone why they performed a kind act,
Most likely, they will say, It made them feel better as a person
Or they may have wanted to be praised and acknowledged
Rewarded or promoted
Think back to when you did a kind act for someone
Why did you do it?
Did you support a peer with their homework to be seen as intelligent
Did you donate to a charity in order to be praised
Do you do good deeds to be rewarded or celebrated
Can kindness ever not have a motive to benefit yourself
Can there ever be someone who is generous, polite, courteous
Who doesn’t look to gain?
Will you be that person to re-define kindness?


Day Like No Other #Under250Words

It was a day like no other. The vicious wind was gushing through the busy city of London as tensions rose between the people. The morning had begun with the sun shining down radiating immense heat never felt by the Londoners before. Sunscreen had been slapped on; sun hats were on the ready; and the people were prepared for the August sun – or so it seemed.

By midday, the sun stood straight in the stretch of the sapphire, shimmering sky. The City was bustling with families picnicking in Jubilee Garden; holiday makers scurrying through South Bank; and governors of Parliament leaving their posts for their lunch breaks.

Nobody could have predicted what followed after. Even the weather correspondents themselves didn’t see it coming. Everyone was preoccupied; nobody noticed the slight increase in the wind; or the increase in the Thames’ wave power; or the clouds beginning to suffocate the sky of the British summer.

The London Eye increased with speed as the wind willed it to; this caused the wheel to break off its arch, crash-landing into the River violently submerging a cruise boat of tourists and sightseers. No one could believe their eyes. The people were hysterical now running in all sorts of directions, overwhelmed with confusion and despair. After all, this had never happened before.

The weather was worsening by the minute. Cars and buses upon the Westminster Bridge plummeting as the mysterious storm swept through London. It was a day like no other.


Photo taken in July 2019


Her name is Sanaa.

Except not really

Its the name she took

To detach herself from the past

Bruising and healing time and time again

She hopes for a new life, a new change but

The memories keep flooding back in the worst of times

No matter how hard she try

To forget and to forgive

She can’t.

Because she shouldn’t have to hide who she is

Beautiful she is

Approval unnecessary

Her name isn’t Sanaa.

She isn’t who she says she is

She hides her true identity

Shields away her personality

Afraid of being judged and scorned

Desperate to fit in

Into society

But her race says otherwise


A place where certain criteria must be met

A specific appearance maintained

In order to be accepted

She longs for a place where she can be who she wants to be

She longs for people to accept her as she is

She wants to belong

Sanaa isn’t Sanaa

But the chains of society can be broken

Maybe one day everyone will be accepted

As human beings

As equals

Maybe one day Sanaa will return to being

Who she truly is

The rules in society restricts happiness

Who defines normal?

Who is Sanna?

Not the broken black girl you want her to be

Not the citizen you refuse to accept

A human yet uncategorized

As someone equal

Who is Sanaa?

Who will she be?



Does anybody else get this feeling when it’s sunset? A feeling of calm and relief but also awe and happiness. Its a feeling that’s indescribable. You can’t look at a sunset without smiling and feeling grateful and hopeful. Even if its just a little bit.

The sunset today was incredible. Mesmerising. All my thoughts and concerns were swept away with the waterfall of pink and yellow that was comforting the sky. I felt at ease. Looking from a high point, I could make out a few people glancing at the incredible display in awe. How amazing is that? People who you don’t know personally – as well as others from afar – are all looking up in admiration. Everyone is looking at the sunset – wonderstruck. It’s really a great feeling. A sense of community – when being alone can be the norm. Indescribable, indeed.

Sometimes a photo can’t capture everything. It might share with you a glimpse. But the moment of being there and the experience will never be captured in a click.


But take a look anyway 🙂


Human rights

The majority of us believe in our human rights.

The right to practice any religion.

The right to an education.

The right for children to play.

Your human rights is yours forever. One of the few things you share with everyone yet you are entitled to it all.

But its being violated across the world.

Governments are looking the other way.

When should countries intervene

When it comes to human rights?

Why should they wait for the right moment

Why should they look for their benefits

When there is evidence of human rights violations

Why should the governments turn a blind eye

To the atrocities happening


What about ourselves

It’s easy to see the fault of others before yourself

Its easier to distance yourself from what really happening

The governments across the world are responsible

For taking action

But you are too

We all can do something.


“We may not be able to save everyone. But everyone can save someone.”

In my own fantasy


A poem written in the perspective of a young person who ran away from care. Every homeless person has a story. Every desperate beggar has a dream.

I didn’t think I’d have to deal with anything anymore

I thought by walking out the door

I would be free to believe

In my own fantasy

That there is love out there

But as each day passes

And the moon starts shining

That sliver of hope is dying

My courageous teenage self is tired

I force myself to look forward to a time

Where every morning and night I smile

Not alone but with friends who care

Or a family

I just want to belong

I ran from care with a dream

One I hold with me continously

What should be the goal of humanity?

Living in a world where survival is dependent on wealth and geographical location, what should be the goal of humanity?

In country A, a child is overweight because their supply of food is overwhelming. Eating isn’t considered survival. Eating is a way to satisfy their boredom.

In country B, a child is on the verge of suffocation, never eating 3 good meals in a day in their entire life. Eating is something they can only dream of.

Take a moment to reflect on your eating habits.

How much food do you personally waste?

What do you do with leftover food? Keep it for the next day?

Of the 6.6 million tonnes we throw away, 75% is food we could have eaten (4.5 million tonnes).

The world’s food waste is enough to feed over 2 billion people!

What should be the goal of humanity?



The chill of the blizzard, engulfing the car, cut through to my bones as we drove at breakneck speed. My toes, frozen and pale, were in danger of frostbite. Sinking lower in my seat, I hugged my blanket and momentary longed for a warm drink. The car spun around the corner, making my head spin too; all my plans to escape dissolved as my migrane kicked in making me oblivious to the dangerous situation I was in. Exhaustion strangled my body despite having sat in the same seat for hours.

A strawberry scent swam around in the car which may have sweetened the moment – if I wasn’t being abducted. A lady – named Jana – was racing against time to reach a secret destination. I was going to be sold to a strange and ancient merchant. Jana wore a black jumper, a red skirt and serpent earrings. Locked away, I only had to imagine what lied in store for me.



When you aim really high

And set the limits to the sky

Expect it to be a challenge

One that will cause you to question

Everything life has taught you

The more challenges you overcome

The stronger you become

Dreaming big

Is so important

Today more than ever